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Okay, so you have sunned yourself on the beaches and visited the usual tourist spots, now why don't you look further afield and go on a day trip to Tangiers, Morocco and sample something totally different.
If you are not quite sure where Tangiers is, well have a look at the map, and as you can see it sits in the country of Morocco, North Africa.
Tangiers is located on the Northern most tip of Morocco, where the Atlantic meets the Mediterranean.

Probably the best way to visit Tangiers, for the first time, is to book an all inclusive day excursion which can cost anywhere from €49 to €60, depending where you book it. We  booked our trip at the El Zoco Centre, Calahonda, however, there are many "shops" along the Costa del Sol who act as agents, who normally have advertising boards outside the shop listing the various excursions. It is quite amazing the difference charged for the same trip, if you have the time shop around, and you could save yourself €10 each. Lunch is normally included in the price.

The bus, which will collect you at around 7.00am, depending where you are staying, takes you to the port of Algeciras, yon side of Gibraltar, from where you board the ferry to Tangiers. Word of warning! As the ferry leaves the lee of the Spanish mainland and heads passes through the Straits of Gibraltar it encounters the Atlantic swell and even on a "calm" day can make the ferry roll. My advice would be to take some form of travel sickness tablet, even if you think you are a good sailor, because once you start to feel the effects of sea sickness it still lasts for up to one hour after docking. Please bear this in mind as quite a few travellers were ill on the crossing to Tangiers on our trip over, and that was on a lovely day.

On arrival in the port of Tangiers you will board a bus which will take on a tour of Tangiers and after approx. 1 hour you will be taken to a pukka Moroccan restaurant for lunch, which is normally covered in the cost of the excursion, all you have to pay for are the drinks.

After lunch its on to a trip of the Kasbah, visiting a carpet outlet and chemist. Walking around the Kasbah, with your guides, will provide you with a fantastic insight to every day life within Tangiers, from snake charmers to back street tailors, copper/brass ware and much more. But beware of the street vendors trying to sell a variety of items and who can become slightly annoying as they will not take no for an answer.
Now take this tip, if you do like what the street hawkers are selling do not buy straight away, because as you walk down to the Hotel Continental for a rest and refreshments they are not allowed within the grounds, and as you approach the hotel gate the price of everything drops dramatically.
So what ever you do WAIT until the last minute and you may grab yourself a bargain!!!

After that its back down to the harbour to catch the ferry, and the trip back to Spain seemed to be very quick compared to the outward journey, for some reason. Also the ferry does not seem to roll so much on the homeward bound journey.

So why not enjoy the delights of Africa and grab yourself a couple of bargains along the way, but expect to haggle hard for them.

Good luck and have a good trip!!

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